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Importing COAPS information

The Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS) at Florida State University (FSU) stores weather-related information recorded by a network of stations over three Southern states: Alabama (AL), Florida (FL) and Georgia (GA).

A description of the stations for each state is available by FTP. At the time of writing (Feb. 2009), this information is stored into three Microsoft Excel files. This information can be directly accessed in Python with the following functions, provided that the external module xlrd is installed. If this module is not available, an ASCII version of the file must be available.

Loading stations information

The following functions take the 2-letter code of a state and return some information about the stations in the state:

Returns a dictionary with stations identification codes as keys and stations names as values. The COAPS station identification code is usually a 5-digit integer.
Returns a dictionary with stations names as keys and stations ids codes as values. This is the reverse of names_bystate.
Returns a dictionary with stations identification codes as keys and stations coordinates as values. The coordinates are given in degrees, as a tuple (longitude, latitude).
Returns all the information relative to the stations in the given state, as a numpy.recarray object.
Returns all the information relative to the stations in any of the three states. This information is stored into a HDF5 file. The optional module pytables must be installed.

Returns the information relative to the station whose id code is stationcode. The input parameter must be a valid 5-digit COAPS station id code. The result is a structured array, containing:

  • the station name ('STATION_NAME');
  • the station id ('COOP_ID' or 'COOPID');
  • an indentifier for the kind of crop ('CROP_ID');
  • the coordinates of the station, as strings ('LATITUDE' and 'LONGITUDE') and floats ('LATITUDE_DEC' and 'LONGITUDE_DEC');
  • the name of the county the station is in ('COUNTY_WITHIN');
  • the names of the counties the station represents ('COUNTY_REPRESENT').

Loading weather information

The following function accepts the following input parameters:

  • station_id_code : int

    Identification code of the COAPS station, as a 5-digit integer.

  • datadir : string, optional

    Local directory where to store archived data

  • netfile_dir : string, optional

    URL of the directory where to download the raw input data (ASCII).

  • headerlines : int, optional

    Number of lines of the header of the raw input data.

  • nodata : float

    Number used to represent missing data.

The default values of the optional parameters are read from the configuration file hydroclimpyrc.

coaps.load_coaps_data(station_id_code, **options)

Loads the temperatures and rainfall data for the current station. Returns a new TimeSeries object of daily frequency, with a structured dtype:

tobs : int
Number of records per day.
tmin : float [Celsius]
Minimum recorded temperature on any given day.
tmax : float [Celsius]
Maximum recorded temperature on any given day.
rainfall : float[mm]
Total precipitation recorded on any given day.