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PotentialEvapoTranspiration.Turc(Rs=None, RHmean=0.5)

Computes the PET with the Turc (1961) method [Turc_1961]:

PET = a \; 0.013 \frac{T_{avg}}{T_{avg}+15} \frac{23.8856 R_s + 50}{\lambda}

where a is a coefficient dependent on the relative humidity RH:

a &= 1.                &\qquad RH \geq 0.5 \\
  &= 1. + (0.5-RH)/0.7 &\qquad RH < 0.5

This model should not be applied when the mean air temperature is less than -10\textcelsius: the results will be masked when :attr:tavg < -10.


Rs : TimeSeries, optional

Incoming solar radiations [MJ.m-2.d-1]. If None, Rs is estimated from extraterrestrial solar radiations (Ra) and minimum and maximum temperatures as K_{t} \sqrt{\Delta\;T} Ra.

RHmean : TimeSeries, optional

Mean relative humidity [0-1].