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PotentialEvapoTranspiration.PriestleyTaylor(Rs=None, albedo=0.23000000000000001, tdew=None, RHmin=None, RHmax=None, RHmean=None)

Computes the PET with the Priestley-Talyor method [Priestley_Taylor_1972].

\lambda_H ET_o = a \cfrac{\Delta}{\Delta+\gamma}
                  [(1-\alpha)R_s - R_{nl} - G]

where a is an empirical coefficient set to 1.26 in humid regions.


Rs : TimeSeries, optional

Incoming solar radiations [MJ.m-2.d-1]. If None, Rs is estimated from extraterrestrial solar radiations (Ra) and minimum and maximum temperatures as K_{t} \sqrt{\Delta\;T} Ra.

albedo : float, optional

Albedo. By default, a value of 0.23 is assumed for grass/alfalfa references.

RHmin : TimeSeries, optional

Minimum relative humidity [0-1].

RHmax : TimeSeries, optional

Maximum relative humidity [0-1].

RHmean : TimeSeries, optional

Mean relative humidity [0-1].