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ReferencedSeries.period_standardize(axis=None, dtype=None, ddof=1, period=None)

Standardizes data by substracting the average over a reference period, and by dividing by the standard deviation over the same period.


axis : integer, optional

Axis along which to perform the operation. The default is to perform the operation on a flattened view of the input series.

dtype : type

Type to use in computing the standard deviation. For arrays of integer type the default is float32, for arrays of float types it is the same as the array type.

ddof : integer, optional

Means Delta Degrees of Freedom. The divisor used in calculations is N-ddof.

period : {None, tuple}, optional

Reference period of the computation, as a tuple (starting date, ending date) If None, use the reference period of the input series.


The default ddof is 1: by default, the method returns the unbiased estimate of the standard deviation.