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Plotting extensions

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Statistical tools

Generic statistics functions, with support to masked arrays.

qqcalc(data, distrib=<scipy.stats.distributions.norm_gen object at 0x1027fc550>, alpha=0.40000000000000002, beta=0.40000000000000002)

Returns the theoretical quantiles from an empirical distribution.


data : array

Input data

distrib : {norm, function}, optional

Theoretical distribution used to compute the expected quantiles. If None, use a normal distribution. Otherwise, distrib must have a ppf method.

alpha : {float}, optional

Coefficient for the computation of plotting positions

beta : {float}, optional

Coefficient for the computation of plotting positions.

biweight(x, cst)

Computes the biweight average and midvariance for a given 1D array. Returns a tuple (biweight mean, biweight variance).


x: {ndarray} :

Input Array

cst : {float}

Parameter controlling how outliers are censored.


The function is restricted to 1D data only.